Decades Box Chocolate Assortment

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A specially curated bundle of chocolates that represent our 10 decades of sweetness.

A little taste of our 100 years of sweetness.

1920s-M. Speach Candy Company's Original Peanut Cream Bar/Superior Bar
1930s-Charlie Chaplin Cluster - Chocolate Cashews, Coconut & Marshmallows
Speach's Old-Fashioned Peanut Brittle

1950s-2-Chocolate Covered Cookie
Old-Fashioned Style Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
1970s-Trash/Party Mix
-"I'll Be Dipped" Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
1990s-2-Sue's Original Dessert Chocolate Truffles
2000s-Chocolate Brickle
2010s-2-Top Shelf Truffles (contains alcohol - 5% by volume as flavor, not intended for underage consumption.)

All comes packaged in our exclusive Red Speach Candy Shipping box.