A Christmas Story Village

A heartwarming Christmas Classic that can be enjoyed by the whole family. A humorous tale of a young boy named Ralphie, with one thing on his Christmas list, a BB Gun.

*Bullies In The Alley


*I Won, I Won, I Won


*Ralphie's Gang


Fragile Delivery


Fragile Handle With Care


Good Finds At the Joke Shop

Display Unit

Higbee's Santa / Department Store Santa


Isn't It Beautiful?


Leg Lamp Factory

Display Unit

Miss Shield's Fruit Basket


Oh, Fudge!

Display Unit

Pink Nightmare


Ralphie & Ole Blue Save The Day


Ralphie's Backyard Shed


Ralphie's House


The Department Store


The Joke Shop


The Last Straw


The Old Man's Major Prize


You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid